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47 Products

The stereo system - quickly ready for operation and perfect for listening to music

Two speakers, one on the left, the other on the right from the sitting position - both connected to an external amplifier or in the active version even with an integrated amplifier - sound perfect for listening to music and ready for operation with little effort: These features still make the stereo system one of the most popular systems of all. Via Bluetooth or WIFI, you can also transfer your favourite music directly to your mobile phone or laptop at any time.

More info:

The right set-up: Sweet is the Spot

Make sure that the new system is not set up somewhere where there is just enough room, but that the best listening area for this system, the Sweet Spot, also includes your favourite seating position. Your ears will thank you in the long run, even if it means a bit more effort before. You can find out how to find the Sweet Spot in our blog post.

Before buying a new music system, we recommend the following checklist:

  • Determine room size: to ensure that the music system can provide sufficient sound in the room but is not too oversized, check our room size recommendations for the desired music system
  • Determine speaker size: small compact speakers or large floor standing speakers? We have the choice from mini-HiFi music system to floor-standing loudspeakers
  • check the location of the speakers: where should the speakers and the amplifier of the music system be placed? Teufel offers sound systems with feet and/or with wall brackets. Is there a place for floor standing speakers? Does the speaker fit in/on my shelf?
  • : Check the required connection options: Should music be played via USB stick, Bluetooth or digital radio? Should the music system have a CD drive? Can you connect a turntable?

Once all these criteria have been clarified, you can filter our offer according to your ideas using the product finder and quickly find the right music system.

Compact all-in-one music systems

compact systems, which are composed of active loudspeakersfor example offer all the features of music systems in a small space. The operation is mostly kept simple but functional. These compact all-rounders are therefore popular in kitchens, children's rooms or holiday homes.

Stereo systems, which are composed of passive loudspeakers and a receiver are again very flexible and can easily be moved on with a new receiver.


The Kombo series - music in strong quality

With our Kombo series we offer stereo systems in various dimensions and power levels. Optionally also with subwoofer for deepest kick bass for Techno R'n'B or Hip-Hop. The range extends from the mini stereo system Kombo 22 to the powerful stereo system Kombo 62, which includes two standing speakers. This is how you can find a new system - suitable for a summer house, office, student flat share or as a new acquisition.


Teufel's Dynamore: Stereopanorama with just one unit

Thanks to their years of expertise, our engineers can elicit a stereo panorama even from compact all-in-one units, albeit virtually. This is possible thanks to various specially developed Teufel Dynamore technologies and the clever integration of additional drivers. With Teufel Dynamore Surround - integrated in the radio 3sixty and special acoustic lenses, the sound is even output in 360 degrees - all around.

WIFI stereo systems with integrated Raumfeld technology

Discover WIFI stereo systems from Teufel and dive into a new dimension of music enjoyment. By integrating it into your home network, you can easily stream your favourite music from your smartphone or PC or laptop. Wireless streaming loudspeakers (incl. WIFI radio) provide for music enjoyment with a strong sound and loss-free playback. Alternatively, WIFI soundbars are available as space-saving soundbars.

Music on two channels: the history of the stereo system

A device for the sound reproduction of media - that is, quite correctly put, a stereo system. It has been used since the 1960s to indulge in extensive music enjoyment via record, CD or streaming. And the stereo system - or hi-fi system, as it is often called - also supplies the television set with sound.

The forerunners of our modern and space-saving stereo systems were the large music chests of the 1950s. Radio, record player and sometimes television were combined in one piece of furniture. The sound found its way monophonic to our ear. In the last years of the 50s the first devices were available which played two-channel sound. They developed simultaneously with stereo records. Radio stations could be received stereophonic a little later, from 1963 onwards.

Stereo systems, which consist of several components, developed in the early 1960s. The speakers were now housed separately in their own cabinets and could be set up independently of the rest of the system. Visually, however, they still differed somewhat from the typical system of today. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, systems were popular that were operated from above and were often covered by an acrylic bonnet.

In general, up until the 1980s, stereo systems were very large and often a prominent feature of the interior design. As they cost quite a lot, they certainly also functioned as a kind of status symbol for music lovers. From the 80s onwards, stereo systems took on new forms: The Hi-Fi tower was born, which was very popular until the 1990s. All the components of a stereo system - record player, amplifier, radio, cassette deck and CD player - could be stacked on top of each other and thus be flexibly combined.

Even today, the stereo system is still a solid choice. We still receive radio and television in stereo, and the two channels are also ideal for listening to music. When watching Blu-rays, however, we now listen to 5.1 sound - if the appropriate system is available. And streaming platforms such as Netflix are also sending ever-higher quality sound.

The components of a stereo system

A stereo system is characterised primarily by two sound channels, but also by the fact that the individual components are set up separately from each other. Basically, a system consists of at least one sound source, one amplifier and two loudspeakers. This means that a compact system covers all the stations of sound reproduction: from creation to playback.

The source of sound

Whether it's a record, cassette, CD, music streaming or radio: your system can play your favourite music. Depending on whether you're a vinyl lover, have the radio on all the time or listen to your huge CD collection up and down, your stereo system should have the appropriate source components.

The amplifier

The amplifier has the task within the system of routing the signal from the sound source to the loudspeaker boxes and possibly to the subwoofer. True to its name, it amplifies the sound signal. Receivers can also act as intermediaries in the stereo system: They are a combination of amplifier and tuner.

The loudspeakers

The loudspeakers make sure you get something to listen to. There should be at least two in a system - one for each channel. With loudspeakers, a distinction is made between passive and active representatives. The classic passive speakers must be connected to an amplifier so that they can understand the signal from the source device. An active loudspeaker already has a built-in amplifier and can, for example, be connected directly to the television.

Modern compact systems: Full sound in a small space

You can still have large setups and room-filling loudspeakers today - but you don't have to. Thanks to technical progress, big sound now fits into small cabinets. Compact or micro systems give you everything you need for good sound. Set them up, connect them and plug them in: ready. As the streaming of music increases and some people no longer insert CDs or records at all, larger components in a stereo system are no longer needed, making it more compact.

Bluetooth and DAB: Modern components of a stereo system

The change from analogue to digital has long since taken place in stereo systems. You no longer just listen to music from a CD, but you can select it online to suit your mood. Music streaming is no problem for modern compact systems. They have Bluetooth, which allows you to play music from your smartphone wirelessly and at lightning speed. But Bluetooth can also have another function: There are now wireless systems that either communicate completely via Bluetooth or, for example, connect individual components such as a subwoofer to the rest of the system via radio.

Another technical achievement on the stereo system market: DAB and its successor DAB+. If your system has this transmission standard, you can receive digital radio: Goodbye antenna. A stereo system with DAB+ not only provides improved sound quality but also allows the transmission of additional information, in addition to the pure soundtrack.

The old stereo system pimp

If you want to enjoy new technologies with your beloved system, there are a few possibilities to upgrade certain functions:

  • Miss your old stereo system Bluetooth - via a Bluetooth adapter. Simply plug an adapter into the system and it can receive music from your smartphone.
  • WIFI streaming throughout the house is something that can be done with old systems. The Teufel Streamer, for example, allows you to integrate your stereo system into the streaming network at home.
  • Enough stereo - want to take it to the next level? With the Teufel upgrade sets you can upgrade some old stereo systems and get 5.1 home cinema sound.

For two powerful channels: Stereo systems from Teufel

  • Ultima 20 Kombo: This stereo system is very compact. With its 2-way bookshelf speakers, it is ideal for smaller rooms. Thanks to the bass reflex system, you don't have to worry about a pale sound reproduction. The CD player has been omitted, but streaming via Bluetooth also allows musical accompaniment in every situation.
  • You can find many more stereo systems and speakers in the Teufel Online Shop.

Conclusion: This is what distinguishes a stereo system

  • With stereo systems you can enjoy sound on two channels - played by separately placed loudspeakers.
  • The first stereo systems were produced in the late 50s.
  • Still today we receive TV and radio sound in stereo. The standard is still ideal for music enjoyment. Only in home cinema do 5.1 and 7.1 sound slowly drive out the two channels.

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