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3 Products

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You've always wanted to know what's behind the terms and designations of the audio world? Then take a look at our audio glossary. Here you will find a short and concise explanation of, for example, bi-amping, bi-wiring, impedance and ohms.

Small, wireless and full of features: True Wireless Headphones

Good True Wireless headphones offer the best sound and a lot of comfort and freedom of movement. Except for the battery charging cable, these headphones do not have any more cables. The headphones are plugged into the ear on both sides like normal in-ears. The signals are transmitted exclusively via the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The headphones, also known as earbuds, are thus optimally usable. No cable can get caught up anywhere, which guarantees maximum freedom of movement. If the in-ear headphones fit well, you can almost forget that they are in the ear at all. True Wireless headphones with touch control are not only comfortable to wear, but they are also easy to use. With AIRY TRUE WIRELESS, for example, you can use touch control to change music tracks or answer a phone call. The latest AIRY also offers a headset function thanks to integrated microphones on both earbuds.

Ideal for outdoor activities: splash and jet water protection

The AIRY TRUE WIRELESS can play everywhere, it is also quite insensitive to humidity and even certified according to IPX5. This also makes it a faithful companion for outdoor sports or wherever you need it. Thanks to their lightweight, they are also not perceived as disturbing when jogging.

Robust charging case for safe transport and fast charging

In order for the True Wireless Earbuds to be compact, a small, powerful battery is required. Of course, the built-in battery cannot provide as much power as the battery of a portable radio. However, recharging the True Wireless headphones on the road is no problem if a charging case with power bank function like the AIRY TRUE WIRELESS is included in the scope of delivery. The charging case is also practical for carrying in your pocket because the Earbuds can be stored space-savingly and are always ready to hand. By the way, charging the battery in the charging case of the AIRY TRUE WIRELESS starts as soon as the Earbuds are plugged in.

That's why it's worth switching to True Wireless Headphones:

  • Full freedom of movement: annoying cables are a thing of the past
  • Practical: earbuds are always handy and charge the battery in the charging case
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