Ultima 40

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Ultima 40

Sounds like a legend

(499) CHF 499.95 CHF 399.95 Excl. VAT 20% savings
Colour: Black
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Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Aktiv

Why we love this product

We have carefully optimised and refined our most popular floor-standing speaker, but the unbeatable price/performance ratio has remained the same. That's how you make a legend.

Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Aktiv

Key advantages at a glance

  • A pair of high-end Hi-Fi floor-standing speakers from Europe's most popular speaker series
  • High sound enjoyment for music, film sound and games
  • New: tweeter with phase plug, optimised sound dispersion, fine tuning across all components, more balanced sound, improved workmanship and design
  • 3-way system with two high-power woofers for high, distortion-free levels
  • Double-tube bass reflex port for deep, precise bass without flow noise
  • Fibreglass mid-range driver with phase plug for excellent speech intelligibility
  • Large 25 mm tweeter with phase plug and wave guide for a detailed, spatial display
  • Suitable for all stereo amplifiers or AV receivers, also available as a surround set
(4.86 of 5 out of 498)
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Berlin's bestseller

For years, the Ultima series has stood for a very good price to performance ratio. You won't get so much sound for such a good price anywhere else. Featuring superior audio technologies, the Ultima speakers deliver a perfectly balanced playback and are suitable for rock, pop, electro, classical and jazz music, as well as gaming and of course films. The new Ultima speakers are recognisable by the logo above the tweeter. They are the successor to the Ultima Mk2 series.

Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3 Schwarz null 1
Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3 Schwarz null 2
Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3 Schwarz null 3
Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3 Weiss null 2

Compatible with all AV receivers

Thanks to their high efficiency, the Ultima speakers work together with any AV receiver. If you want to provide sound for rooms over 20 m², we recommend AV receivers from around the 400 € mark.

Developed in Berlin

The complete development of the Ultima series, as well as all other speaker series, takes place here in Berlin in our laboratories and special anechoic audio rooms. Optimisation and refinement has been carried out over the years in close cooperation with our design team. Of course, customer feedback continues to act as a crucial factor in the further development of all our products.


 The first sketches

Evaluation of acoustic measurements
Building the first prototype

    Tweeter with phase plug and waveguide

    The phase plug and waveguide built into the tweeter are unusual features for a product in this price range. They create even crisper sound precision in the high-frequency range.

    Phase plug
    Phase plug for avoidance of phase shift cancellations resulting in improved transparency and directional behaviour of higher frequencies.
    Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3
    Waveguide for a very precise location of individual sound sources and precise stage imaging of all instruments and voices.

    Kevlar mid-range driver with phase plug

    The mid-range driver is not only particularly large, but also has a phase plug. The result is very good speech intelligibility and a particularly warm, natural mid-range. This also expands the listening area in which listeners enjoy optimum sound.

    Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3

    Double bass – a real Teufel in every respect

    Especially if you're looking for full bass without a subwoofer, this full-range speaker is the right choice. Two large 165 mm fibreglass woofers provide a particularly precise low-frequency reproduction. The long stroke ensures distortion-free playback even at high levels. You don't need an additional subwoofer.

    Included components

    • 2× Grill with logo for UL 40 Mk3 18 + UL 40 A Mk2
    • 2× red rubber feets (4pcs.) for UL 20/40 Mk3 18
    Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3


    • Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3 von Teufel

      Ultima 40

    Expert reviews

    Product Ratings
    (4.86 of 5 out of 498)
    Just right!
    Let me start by saying that I do not consider myself an audiophile. I love music like everyone else. I can enjoy a CD every now and then, or even play a record. If a nice piece of music doesn't cost you your head, it's win-win for me.For a while I was looking around for speakers. I saw a lot of reviews on youtube of different brands. I also came across the Teufels ultima 40. But like everyone says, you have to listen with your own ears in your own environment. I still have an older pioneer amplifier in the attic, so I could listen. You go to a shop, but most of them don't like that "borrowing" at all. You can listen there in their own made room. To me, that is not at all representative of how it sounds at home. Bringing your own amplifier is also not so obvious. I understand, they prefer to sell an amplifier as well. So I searched the internet for speakers to try at home. And I ended up at Teufel again. I immediately ordered a set, and a week later they were in my house. I ordered a set straight away, and a week later they were in my house. What a nice piece of music comes out of it. On my budget Pioneer amplifier from 2014. Why Teufel? If one is willing to let you test the speakers for 8 weeks then one has confidence in one's own product. In addition, there is also a 12-year warranty. If they have confidence in their own product, I think that's a good thing. If they sell crap and of the 10 sets 10 come back, they will not last long. In short, I am exceptionally satisfied with Teufel. And my next purchase will be again in the Teufel line. Preferably a teufel amplifier with the blu-ray. Subwoofer probably not. There is so much bass in the Ultima 40. I do not miss my old subwoofer from the 5.1 set at all! In fact, there is so much power from the speakers that I have much more room-filling sound than my old 5.1 set.Design:Furthermore, the speakers just look very good. We have the white variant. They stand solidly on the floor. Against all audiophile laws, they are close to the wall. Straight to the front. On a laminate floor. With a table in front of it. With us, the room is lived in. Kids walk around with friends. I can't put the speakers in the middle of the room, but when I'm alone, I move them away from the wall, turn them towards me and enjoy. The bass is tighter than when they're right up against the wall. 95% of the time they are just against the wall.They are quite heavy. So they don't just fall over. We sometimes have a cat on top of the speaker, nice and high! If it jumps off, almost nothing happens, you just see the speaker move a bit. In short, for 400 euros. 8 weeks home trial, 12 years warranty. Such a great sound! Tip of the day: Buy banana plugs right away. Because screwing the speakers with the cable is not a success if you regularly move the speaker from its place. Floepen out.
    Rich sound, very good workmanship, easy to connect, and well packaged and delivered quickly. Their price is definitely justified.
    (automatically translated *)
    Powerful and super price/performance
    These speakers are very well made and not lightweight - at 23 kg they weigh quite a bit. Not a clunker, but an all-round successful speaker with a sound that fills my living room of almost 30m². My impression is good all round and I am thrilled with the reproduction over the entire range. I miss a "separating layer" between the stand and the floor. It looks very plastic-like at this point and makes weals in the wooden floor when you try to move the speakers. Felt glides would not be bad. I don't know if this has any influence on the sound.
    I use the speakers with a Denon PMA-800NE in a 25 m² living room. I find the sound very clear even when listening to loud music.When watching films, the speech is very clear and understandable, background noises come across very well, and action-packed scenes sound bombastic.These are my first Teufel speakers and I hope they will accompany me for many years to come.
    A lot of sound for the money
    The speakers are higher than I expected. Nevertheless, I don't find them clunky. But I'm glad I ordered the white ones, they look less monolithic. I'm satisfied with the sound, especially in this price range. The bass has a lot of punch, so I have to turn down the bass a bit. The treble sounds transparent to my ear, the upper mids sometimes a bit sharp. Overall, I find the sound impression somehow "rough", I don't know how else to describe it. The speakers don't gloss over anything in the audio signal. But they don't swallow anything either.The packaging was okay, two big speakers, just on the edge of their stability. I felt sorry for the DHL messenger. Difficult to lift the heavy speakers out of the comparatively light cartons when unpacking, especially as they are encased in slippery plastic. Once they have been brought to a standstill, nothing can knock them over again so easily.perfect for the intended use as everyday speakers in the family living room. I also like to put my armchair in the optimal zone, lean back and enjoy with my eyes closed.
    Good product
    Satisfied, good sound, good price quality, well finished structure.
    (automatically translated *)
    Last 40
    Unbeatable ... Price performance
    (automatically translated *)
    First class speakers
    I have had these speakers on my wish list for a while, now I have them and I am thrilled.
    (automatically translated *)
    From ordering to delivery to enjoying the good sound, everything was perfect. The workmanship and the sound of the speakers are very good. If you only want to hear the bass and not feel it, you will be satisfied. For the rest, you just need a sub to go with it. Conclusion: I give it a very clear buy recommendation.
    Klasse Boxen mit hohem WAF (Wife acceptance factor)
    After two years without, I was looking for floorstanding speakers that would match our white furniture and still offer a good sound experience. In addition, the covers had to be sturdy enough so that my children (4 7) couldn't "accidentally" see how deep you could press a finger into the membrane. Since I can still call a passable Marantz amplifier my own, I decided on the Ultima 40 without the Active part. Why the high WAF? 1. hard to beat price-performance ratio.2. unagitated design. In white to match our living room.3. Sturdy covers as a child safety lockI am extremely satisfied with the sound, the connection and the look. I'm not someone who can judge this more accurately, but I don't hear any hissing or other annoying "background noise".The delivery of two speakers on two consecutive days was a little unnecessary, but acceptable.Unfortunately, it took me quite a lot of research to find out something about the stability of the box covers. Maybe you could include a picture on the website.Conclusion: I like my new speakers and my wife is satisfied. What more could you want?
    * Automatically translated by DeepL