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Bluetooth speakers

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All Bluetooth products: 24 Results
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All Bluetooth products: 24 Results



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Mobile phone and TV Headphones

Bluetooth speakers: wireless, versatile, practical

Bluetooth is a manufacturer-independent wireless standard that connects portable speakers to smartphones, iPads, laptops and other playback devices. The connection between Bluetooth loudspeakers and players that support this standard is established within a few moments.

Bluetooth is battery-friendly due to low energy consumption

The power consumption of a Bluetooth connection is surprisingly low, so the battery life is only slightly reduced. With good speakers, the battery can last for up to 30 hours. The audio signal remains stable up to a distance of about 10 m between the receiver and transmitter, regardless of location.

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Mini Bluetooth speakers: the best sound for on the go

Whether your are at a barbecue party in the park, camping at a festival or travelling further afield, smaller Bluetooth speakers are the perfect choice for great sound when you don't have much storage space. Teufel mini Bluetooth speakers don't take up much space, are universally compatible and of course don't recquire any cables.

Quick and stable connection via Bluetooth

Thanks to the universal wireless connection via Bluetooth, a mini Bluetooth speaker can be paired to other devices regardless of the make. The first pairing is made within in a few seconds. You can also save previously paired speakers on many devices so that they are immediately ready to play the next time you want to connect.

The best sound in small spaces

Many mini Bluetooth speakers are quick to pack, but also sound "mini". When it comes to Teufel mini speakers, however, listeners will discover at first listen that our small speakers are extra powerful and have an impressively long battery life. Wherever they are used, Teufel's wireless mini Bluetooth speakers meet all mobility requirements: robustness, integrated battery with long battery life, Bluetooth, intuitive operation - and of course great sound.

The battery life* of a selection of our compact Bluetooth speakers

  • Bamster XS: up tp 14 hours
  • Bamster: up to 12 hours
  • Bamster Pro: up to 10 hours

*actual running time varies depending on volume selected.

Large Bluetooth speakers: wireless sound without compromise

Even larger loudspeaker systems benefit from having a Bluetooth connection. Large Bluetooth speakers convince with powerful sound and an extra long battery life.

Large compared to mini Bluetooth speakers:

With small sound systems, much is reduced to the function of sound reproduction. It's just the opposite when it comes tolarge Bluetooth speakers . Systems like the Teufel ROCKSTER are true all-rounders. The ROCKSTER offers an integrated mixing console for two Bluetooth players, connections for electric guitars and even a karaoke function. Additionally, the BOOMSTER offers a charging connection for smartphones and the bass is separately adjustable. Large Bluetooth speakers can also be conveniently operated directly on the device.

Although less suitable for long-distance travel, Teufel's large Bluetooth speakers offer a great deal of versatility and comfort. They are a reliable companion in every situation and mobile enough to be used wherever good sound is required.

The battery life* of a selection of our large Bluetooth speakers:
  • Boomster: up to 16 hours
  • Boomster XL: up to 10 hours
  • Rockster: up tp 12 hours
  • Rockster Air: up to 30 hours
*actual running time varies depending on volume selected.

About Bluetooth

With the further development of the Bluetooth standard, the amount of data that can be transmitted has steadily increased. Today it is also possible to listen to high-resolution sound via Bluetooth HD. In addition, the duration of signal transmission from the transmitter to the actual signal output have been reduced to mere microseconds. This means that videos can also be played in perfect synchronisation with the sound.

No Wi-Fi router is recquired for Bluetooth

Bluetooth does indeed transmit via the 2.4 GHz frequency band, similar to Wi-Fi, but unlike Wi-Fi, Bluetooth does not require any additional hardware. Compatible transmitters and receivers are sufficient for a connection between two devices.

Bluetooth is highly versatile

The wireless interface is so popular and uncomplicated that, in addition to portable Bluetooth speakers, soundbars, headphones, radios such as the Teufel Radio 3Sixty or stereo systems such as the Teufel Stereo M and Stereo L are now also equipped for wireless audio transmission.

Bluetooth function via adapter

With the Teufel BT Link, an upgradeable Bluetooth receiver, you can wirelessly send music from apps such as Spotify or YouTube to a stereo or home cinema system via smartphone. The only prerequisite is that the sound system has an analogue audio input, via which you can connect the BT Link. Our Bluetooth adapter stores the last six paired devices for quick reconnection.

Bluetooth with apt-X

The apt-X codec has also been integrated into the Bluetooth interface of selected products such as the new Power HiFi soundtower. Thanks to Bluetooth with apt-X codec, first-class sound quality is guaranteed.

Find out more about Bluetooth on the Teufel blog:

Which Bluetooth speaker is right for me?

Whether you want to enjoy great sound outside in the garden, on the balcony or in the park, we have the solution:

  • BOOMSTER – reclaim the streets 

Our ghettoblaster 2.0. The popular boombox format from the 80's was deliberately chosen, but rest assured that this device is fully equipped with the most up-to-date technology, such as digital radio and Bluetooth. Perfect for at home, ready for outdoor use, and more mobile than ever thanks to a practical carrying handle.

  • BOOMSTER XL - a modern ghettoblaster in XL format

This portable Bluetooth boombox cannot hide its Teufel DNA. Loud and large, it offers bass levels that can rock any party thanks to the integrated down-firing subwoofer. A real all-rounder, which also offers a charging function (USB charging port) for smart devices.

  • BAMSTER - portable, wireless and fully loaded

Can be used at any time: as a sound amplifier for smartphones on the go or on laptops for the next Netflix binge-watching session. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

  • The ROCKSTER – a portable Bluetooth sound monster

The ROCKSTER is perfect for any event that needs a good musical accompaniment. This loud and proud disco on wheels is packed with entertainment value. With an integrated 2-channel DJ mixer with tone control, crossfader and preview function as well as 2 stereo inputs, instrument, microphone input, headphone and line output, the ROCKSTER was made to party.

  • ROCKSTER AIR - a portable Bluetooth speaker with smart features

About half the size of the ROCKSTER, but just as versatile. Instead of wheel rollers, it features a practical carrying strap so that it can be taken on the go just as easily. The ROCKSTER AIR includes connections for microphone, instruments (e.g. electric guitar) and line-in, plus the option to create a stereo setup with a second ROCKSTER AIR or ROCKSTER.


The two latest Bluetooth speakers in our portfolio continue the successful wireless concept. The CROSS features an IPX5 waterproof rating and a flexible and shock-absorbing body. The ultra-mobile GO can go with you anywhere, fit in everywhere and get noticed everywhere. A real Teufel, if you ask us.

Teufel Bluetooth speakers for all occasions

Built for everyday use, our Bluetooth speakers give you total freedom to play your music wherever and whenever you want. From epic parties to hiking expeditions, we have a musical companion to suit all tastes and requirements. Our robust Bluetooth speakers are adapted for both indoor and outdoor use.

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