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Soundbar Cinebar Pro Easy

Why we love this product

If you want to use the Cinebar Pro in smaller rooms up to 20 sqm, a smaller subwoofer with 200 mm woofer is sufficient. Just like its big brother, this set naturally offers absolute fidelity, extremely high volumes and super low bass.

Soundbar Cinebar Pro Easy

Key advantages at a glance

  • High-end soundbar with 200 mm subwoofer for TV and music playback in the highest quality
  • Eight giant high-performance drivers and six power amplifiers for extremely high volumes
  • Dynamore® Ultra technology with side-firing speakers for virtual surround sound
  • Wireless XL subwoofer, can be used either front- or down-firing
  • Extensive streaming possibilities via Chromecast built-in and Bluetooth incl. party mode
  • 1 HDMI output with CEC for operation with TV remote control, ARC for single cable connection, 4 HDMI inputs with 4K support
  • Integrated wall mounting, line-in, optical digital input, sound adjustments, night mode
  • Integrierte Wandanbringung, Line-In, optischer Digitaleingang, Klanganpassungen, Nachtmodus

T 8 Subwoofer

For the first time Teufel offers a subwoofer that can be configured in either front- or down-firing modes. Don't let the 100-Watts fool you. The new Class-D amplifier's high efficiency and extremely low noise mean it can go toe-to-toe with any 250-Watt amplifier.

  • High-end-class active subwoofer, configurable in front- and down-firing modes
  • 200 mm diameter subwoofer
  • Power: 100-Watt, high-efficiency Class-D power amplifier with low power consumption
  • Automatic on/off
  • Wide variety of settings and circuit breaker
  • Can be positioned horizontally or vertically with universal feet
  • Integrated wireless module - compatible with Teufel Soundbar Streaming, the CINEBAR TRIOS, DUETT, ONE, and PRO lines, as well as IMPAQ receivers. Pioneer, Yamaha, Denon or Marantz receivers require the Subwoofer Wireless Transmitter
T 8 Schwarz
Teufel T 8 Subwoofer
T 8 Subwoofer
Teufel T 8 Subwoofer

    For pros by pros

    We wouldn't be Teufel if we hadn't developed one of the best high-performance soundbars ever. It is ideal for providing superior quality sound for cinematic highlights, outstanding listening sessions, or epic party playlists.

    Teufel Soundbar
    Teufel Soundbar 2
    Teufel Soundbar 3
    Soundbar Cinebar Schwarz null Fernbedienung
    Soundbar Cinebar Schwarz null Smartphone
    Soundbar Schwarz null

      Passion for sound

      You can't get more sound per meter than this. The CINEBAR PRO puts out audio with maximum power.

      Side-firing speakers
      Dynamore Ultra technology brings you virtual Surround Sound. Speakers are built into the left and right sides of the soundbar.
      Aluminum body
      Gives the product a high-quality feel and even better acoustic properties.
      6 power amps
      Each channel has its own output amplifier. Class-D technology ensures high efficiency and dynamics with very low noise levels.
      Double midwoofers
      There are two mid-range drivers installed on each side. These ensure the best speech intelligibility and create warm mid-tones for music.
      Teufel Soundbar Cinebar Pro
      Long throw
      All our drivers have particularly long throw, meaning the diaphragms have a lot of freedom to move. This allows them to put out a lot of sound for their size and keeps distortion low.
      2-way system
      For particularly clear sound and natural mid-tones. Every driver works in the optimal field of action.
      Bass reflex system
      Brings the cut-off frequency even further down so there is no break in the frequency response when tones are transitioned to the subwoofer. The subwoofer does not have to play so high and can therefore be positioned relatively freely in the room.

      Made in Berlin

      The Cinebar Pro was also designed and developed here in Berlin by our engineers.

      Teufel Soundbar
      First sketches show the sophisticated design with clever details.
      Teufel Soundbar
      The mainboard sits on a fixed steel chassis, which is embedded into the aluminium housing.

        Dynamore® Ultra

        Dynamore® Ultra technology, developed by Teufel, offers an astonishing surround sound via side-firing speakers without the need for additional rear speakers.

        Bluetooth: high fidelity wireless audio

        Our products provide clean, stable Bluetooth connection with minimal power consumption at ranges from 10 meters and up.

        Windows compatible

        Stream music, movies, or games from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac.

        All operating systems supported.

        Perfectly synced

        The sound and video always match whether you're gaming or watching TV.

        Convenient controls

        When connected to the TV via HDMI, the CINEBAR PRO can be easily controlled with the TV remote, provided your TV set supports HDMI ARC.

        Teufel Soundbar Cinebar Pro
        Icon - LG
        Logo - Panasonic
        Icon - Philips
        Icon - Samsung
        Icon - Sony

        Integrated AV receiver

        Few other soundbars offer so many connection options.

        Teufel Soundbar Cinebar Pro

        HDMI 1-4
        Four HDMI connections are compatible with game consoles, Apple TV, HD TV receivers, Amazon Fire TVs, etc.

        HDMI TV
        Connection for TV sets.

        Optical digital input
        For TV receivers, CD players or other media devices without HDMI outputs.

        Coaxial digital input
        For TV receivers, CD players or other media devices without HDMI outputs.

        AUX in 1-2
        Connect an mp3 player, smartphone or other audio source with analogue output.

        Practical features

        The CINEBAR PRO's helpful details will blow you away.

        Google Cast

        Stream music to your Cinebar Pro from more than 100 music apps on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Tap the Cast icon in your app and enjoy high quality music.


        Control music, Internet radio and podcasts from your iOS or Android phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with the Chrome browser. You can even make phone calls and the music will continue to play.

        Teufel systems with Google Cast (previously Chromecast built-in) use your Wi-Fi. This allows you to control multiple speakers simultaneously for a perfect multi-room audio experience, absolutely in sync.

        Streaming Multiroom

        This is how easy it is to start your Google Cast

        Step 1
        Google Cast - Step 1

        Start you song in an  app which supports cast and click the cast symbol.

        Step 2
        Google Cast - Step 2 [EN]

        Select the desired speaker or music zone.

        Step 3
        Google Cast - Step 3

        Enjoy your music in hi-fi quality.

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        T 8 Subwoofer Bass Schwarz von Teufel

        T 8 Subwoofer

        High-end-class active subwoofer that can be configured in either front- or down-firing modes. Measurements shown below reflect downfiring mode including feet. Frontfiring mode including feet measures 37.3 cm high, 31.1 cm wide and 36.0 cm tall.

        • Description Item
          Width 31.1 cm
          Height 42.3 cm
          Depth 38 cm
          Weight 11 kg
        • Description Item
          Cinch input 1
        • Description Item
          Power supply voltage 230 V
          Automatic on/off Yes
          Maximum power consumption 100 W
          Fixed AC power cable Yes
          Safety class 2
          Fuse Yes
          Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
          Standby-Function Yes
          Standby-Power consumption 1 W
          Bass boost/EQ Yes
          Input gain adjustment Yes
          Frequency regulator (range) 37 - 200 Hz
          Level control Yes
          Phase control Yes
          Wireless Subwoofer Yes
          Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 100 W
          Amplifier configuration 1.0
          Amplifier technology Class D
          Amplifier channels 1
        • Description Item
          Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 37 Hz
          Suitable for AV receiver Yes
          Equalization port 1
          Down-firing Yes
          Front-firing Yes
          Cabinet material MDF
          Cabinet surface Laminated, matte
          Integrated stand Yes
          Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
          Woofer (diameter) 200 mm
          Woofer (material) Aluminium
          Frequency range 35 - 210 Hz
          Maximum sound pressure level 111 dB/1m
          Acoustic principle 1-way-system
          Enclosure type Bass reflex
        Soundbar Cinebar Pro Schwarz Frontansicht

        Soundbar CB PRO SB

        High-end soundbar for superior quality TV and music playback

        • Description Item
          Width 120 cm
          Height 13.5 cm
          Depth 14 cm
          Weight 11.2 kg
        • Description Item
          Headphone output 3,5mm 1
          Bass driver output 1
          AUX Yes
          3.5mm stereo in 2
          Digital inputs coaxial 1
          Digital inputs optical 1
          Bluetooth Yes
          Google Cast Yes
          Wifi Yes
          HDMI 3D ARC CEC‌ Yes
          Video outputs - HDMI 1
          Video inputs- HDMI 4
          HDMI Version 2.0
        • Description Item
          Dolby Digital Yes
          DTS Digital Surround Yes
          Dynamore® Ultra Yes
        • Description Item
          Display Yes
          Power supply voltage 230 V
          Automatic on/off Yes
          Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
          Safety class 2
          Fuse Yes
          Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
          Standby-Function Yes
          Standby-Power consumption 1 W
          Total power output capacity (RMS) 200 W
          Multi-room Yes
          Amplifier configuration 2.0
          Amplifier technology Class D
          Amplifier channels 2
        • Description Item
          Cabinet material Aluminum
          Cabinet surface Aluminium, brushed
          Keyhole plate mounted Yes
          Integrated stand Yes
          Wall mounting brackets Yes
          Tweeter (number per enclosure) 2
          Tweeter (diameter) 25 mm
          Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 6
          Midrange driver (diameter) 100 mm
          Acoustic principle 2-way-system
          Enclosure type Bass reflex
        • Description Item
          Chromecast Yes
          Deezer Yes
          SoundCloud Yes
          Spotify Yes
          TuneIn Yes



        Included components

        CINEBAR PRO Easy
        • 1 × T 8 Subwoofer – Black
        • 1 × Soundbar CB PRO SB – Black
          • 1 × Remote Control for CB PRO SB – Black
          • 1 × Power cable – Black

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