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Decoderstation 3

Expand your fully active speaker system into a complete multimedia centre

Color: Black


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Decoderstation 3

Key advantages at a glance

  • Integrated Dolby Digital/ProLogic/dts decoder
  • Three digital inputs, optical and coaxial
  • Three analogue inputs
  • Infrared remote control
  • Solid metal casing

Decoderstation 3

Up to six more appliances can be played back via your tried and tested Teufel multichannel speaker set, without shifting the plugs around, simply by pressing a button on the decoder itself or on its infrared remote control.

The speaker system is connected directly to the decoder using the six cinch cable supplied. You can now connect your signal sources to the decoderstation 3: appliances with optical or coaxial outputs, such as DVD players/recorders, PlayStation, Xbox, notebooks or sound cards can also be directly connected to the three digital inputs.

The integrated Dolby Digital/dts decoders allow original 5.1 reproduction or upgrades conventional stereo signals, e.g. through Dolby Prologic, into surround sounds that involve all five boxes and the subwoofer. This so-called “upmix” function also works when the three additional analogue inputs are occupied, e.g. with TV sound, MP3 player or Discman. Classic stereo reproduction (with active subwoofer!) is of course also possible.

We set the same high standards for our first separate decoder as for our tried and tested speaker sets. That’s why the appliance is built into a solid metal casing and not a thin plastic box. Instead of a wobbly mains connection, you get an elaborate bayonet connection whose cable ends in a strong, high-performance power pack.

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Decoderstation 3

Decoderstation 3

Decoderstation 3 makes it easy to expand your fully active Teufel loudspeaker system into a complete multimedia centre. The device features inputs for three analogue and three digital devices (2x optical/1x coaxial), an integrated Dolby Digital/dts-decoder and a complete remote control.

  • Description Item
    Width 5 cm
    Height 20.6 cm
    Depth 24.7 cm
    Weight 2.6 kg
  • Description Item
    Analogue inputs 3
    Digital inputs coaxial 1
    Digital inputs optical 1
  • Description Item
    Dolby Digital Yes
    DTS Digital Surround Yes
    Dolby Pro Logic Yes
  • Description Item
    Integrated DSP Yes
    Integrated DD/dts/PLII-Decoder Yes
  • Description Item
    Remote control Yes
  • Description Item
    Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 25 Hz



Included components

Decoderstation 3
  • 1 × Optical Digital Cable 1m - Decoderstation 3
  • 1 × Remote Control Decoderstation 3 RC – Black